Mission statement: The Polk County Developmental Center, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation organized for the purpose of providing services to the intellectually disabled citizens of Polk County so that they may live as independently as possible in the least restrictive environment.

Vision: As a diverse staff we come together in our belief that we are the instruments of an organization founded and dedicated to dignity, compassion, and quality for all.

We stretch out our arms to lend a hand, point out the right direction for an opportunity to nurture our clients and strengthen our family.

We proudly hold hands to embrace the future of our community in order to help each family flourish.

Management: The Polk County Developmental Center is a nonprofit organization governed by a local board of directors and licensed by the Arkansas Department of Human Services Division of Developmental Disabilities Services.

History of Polk County Developmental Center: Dedicated to serving individuals with disabilities for over 30 years, Polk County Developmental Center, Inc. (The Polk County Developmental Center) is located in Mena, Arkansas, in the heart of the Ouachita Mountains, the only east-west mountain range west of the Mississippi River. A group of concerned parents and citizens of Polk County, Arkansas organized The Polk County Developmental Center in 1972.  Services were initially provided in Mena First Baptist Church. In 1976 funds were secured from private and state organizations to build a 3500 square foot building on donated land in Mena (now Polk County Developmental Center Jumpstart Daycare at 1410R. Amsterdam). Adult and preschool services began in late 1976. Physical therapy services were added in 1982. Initial numbers were 17 adult clients, 5 preschool children and 7 employees.

In 1985 The Polk County Developmental Center Resale Store was added to provide work-training skills for the Adult clients. The Resale Store was initially located on Sherwood Avenue for a few months. It was deemed necessary to locate to a facility to house the donations of used merchandise. The Store was next located on Highway 71 South and Reine Street. It was there for approximately four years.

In 1986 it was decided to expand through building a residential facility for developmentally disabled women. Funding was secured for construction for AVANTS Group Living Center, Inc. through Housing and Urban Development. A nine-bedroom Group Home was completed in late 1986. The Polk County Developmental Center is the management agent for the group home.

In 1990 The Polk County Developmental Center purchased property on Morrow Avenue and remodeled the old skate barn into The Polk County Developmental Center Resale Store. The building was remodeled again in 2004 in order to expand the sales area and client work area and to add administrative offices.

In 1999 the Adult Work Center was built on Morrow Avenue next to the Resale Store. All adult services moved from the Amsterdam location. The Work Center houses adult education classrooms as well as the Recycling Center. In 2009, The Polk County Developmental Center purchased an additional building on Eagle Gap. This building is currently being used to sort donations for the Resale Store.

In 2011 a 4,050 square foot addition was added to the back of the Resale Store to increase staff and client work areas. The sorting of donations was then moved from the Eagle Gap building to the new work area. This addition was made possible through Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality Grant Funds and funds raised by Polk County Developmental Center.

In summer of 2014 Polk County Developmental Center purchased the Education Station building for Jumpstart Daycare. The old Jumpstart Daycare building is now the Adult Education & Wellness Center.

In winter of 2014 Polk County Developmental Center opened up “Just For Kids” Resale store located at 811 Eagle Gap.

As of spring of 2016 The Polk County Developmental Center serves 42 adults with disabilities and 25 preschoolers. The Polk County Developmental Center has 60 employees.


Training Resource for Developmentally Disabled persons in Polk, Scott, and Montgomery Counties:

• 31,557 Adult training hours in independent living skills.
• 14,288 Preschool training hours.
• Residential services and training in independent living skills 365 days a year for nine adult women.

Sources of Revenue:
• $1,163,354 reimbursement for units of service, paid by the Arkansas Department of Human Services and Medicaid.
• $461,895 from client fees, local donations, PCDC Resale Store, and recycling services.

Employment Resources:
•  $1,079,375 annual wages paid to staff and adult clients.
•  29 full-time and 31 part time employees.
•  42 individuals with disabilities employed at the PCDC Resale Store and PCDC Recycling Center.
•  Medical Insurance and paid leave time for full time employees; USAble Insurance, Superior Vision, and AFLAC services available.

Resource for Local Business Revenue:
•  60% of supplies, equipment and services are purchased locally.
•  At least 86,539 miles of bus/van transportation provided yearly.  Gas, insurance and vehicle maintenance services purchased locally.
•  Food purchased locally for 19,000 meals, at a cost of $69,900 annually (PCDC and Avants Group Home meals).
•  Personal income of the developmentally disabled persons we serve totals more than $200,000.  Most of their income is spent in Polk County.

Polk County Developmental Center, Inc.
A Valuable Community Resource and A Valuable Employer