Preschool Program

Jumpstart Integrated Preschool and Daycare
A division of Polk County Developmental Center, Inc.
1314 Amsterdam Street
Mena, AR 71953

Ages 6 Weeks to Pre-K
Specializing in the Educational Needs of developmentally delayed children

Some of the Little ones enjoying the Holidays

Is Your Child Having Difficulty…

The earlier you recognize your child’s needs and seek assistance, the greater the possibilities that help can be secured.  Don’t wait until school age to find out that your child is behind his/her peer group.  Educational research shows that most students that start behind, will stay behind throughout their education.  Give your child the help that they need now to prepare them for school.  WE CAN HELP!!!

Check to see if your child needs support:
The following are some of the common indications that may be telling you that your child needs help.  Your child may be fighting an up-hill battle to learn when a problem beyond his/her control is interfering.

Gross Motor Skills
-does not roll over when lying on his stomach, extend his arms and hold his head up
-does not stand alone briefly or walk around furniture when holding on by one year of
-does not throw a ball overhand or kick a ball forward by 2 years of age
-does not jump up or balance on each foot for one second by 3 years of age
-does not hop or walk up and down stairs by alternating feet by 4 years of age
-does not balance on each foot for 5 seconds or walk heel-to-toe by 5 years of age

Fine Motor Skills
-does not reach out and grasp objects by six months
-does not bang two objects together when held in hands or pick up small objects using thumb and forefinger by one
-does not build a tower of two blocks or scribble by 18 months of age
-does not imitate a vertical line by age 3
-does not copy a circle by age 4 or pick the longer of two lines
-does not draw a person with 3 body parts by age 5

Speech-Language Skills
-does not turn to voice or imitate speech sounds by 6 months
-does not jabber or say mama/dada by age 1
-does not point to body parts or simple pictures or speak in simple 2-3 words by age 2
-does not know two actions (for example, run, jump) or use two adjectives (hot, cold) by age 3
-does not have understandable speech or know the use of three common objects by age 4
-does not count five objects or use at least two opposites by age 5

Self-Help Skills
-does not feed himself with his fingers by age 1
-does not remove garment, use a spoon/fork or pretend to find a dolly by age 2
-does not wash and dry hands, brush teeth with help or put on t-shirt by age 3
-does not dress without help or brush teeth without help by age 4
-does not prepare cereal or play board/card games by age 5

Social Skills
-does not work for a toy out of reach by 6 months
-does not wave bye-bye, indicate wants or play pat-a-cake by age 1
-does not imitate by feeding a doll by age 2
-does not name a friend by age 3
-does not play with other children

What you can expect from Jumpstart:
•Friendly and helpful staff to work one-on-one with you and your child.
•Developmental evaluation, with results being reviewed with you personally
•If needed, an Individual Education Plan will be set up just for your child, addressing his/her own personal needs
•Support for you as a parent
•Special child/parent events

One of the happy children at Jumpstart

Services Provided:
•Developmental Evaluations
•Speech Therapy
•Occupation Therapy
•Physical Therapy
•One-on-One Teaching
•Developmental Training
•Hot Lunches
•AM/PM Snacks
•Regular Day Care Services

One of the children enjoying a puzzle.

Smart 911
The state of Arkansas has paid for state participation in Smart 911 (see release at This may be of great interest to your family members.
Under the Smart 911 system, Arkansans can go online FOR FREE and register their cell phone number, along with an address, so first responders will know exactly where they live. People also can create a “safety profile” that lists important information, such as whether a household member has autism, a mental illness, special needs, or allergies to certain medications. The safety profile will be available to dispatchers so they can relay information to paramedics or police officers before they arrive.