Plastic Bailing with a client

Drew always has a smile for us when he is working in the Recycle Center. He is loading the baler with #2 plastic bottles and when it is full it will weight around 750 pounds. That is a lot of plastic bottles!

Confidential Shredding Services

The Polk County Developmental Center recycles:Some of PCDC's hard workers
• #1 and #2 Plastic Bottles
• Paper (this includes junk mail, etc.)
• Cardboard
• Newspaper
• Magazines
• Cell Phones
• Ink Cartridges
• Aluminum Cans
• Clothing, Toys, Linens, Caps, Shoes, Purses, Belts, Duffle Bags,

Aluminum Cans currently paying $.22 a pound.

Recycle Center Do you have tax documents, old invoices, or financial statements that need to be destroyed properly? PCDC is bonded to shred confidential documents for your business or home at the cost of .30 cents a pound. When you hire us to shred your documents you are providing work for the intellectually disabled in our area. If you shred your own documents you can drop off that shredded paper to us to be recycled. For information on this and other recycle questions call Carla at 479-394-2671.

Help Preserve Our Children’s Future!

The Polk County Developmental Center offers a recycle drop off area that is accessible 24 hours a day.  It is located on the Eagle Gap Road side of our facility.  There is a covered area with bins that are labeled with the different kinds of recycle items.

The Polk County Developmental Center also picks up recycle items from over 100 businesses in Polk County.  Please call us for availability of pick up at your business.